Massage Therapy

Pure Pondera

Unlike THC, cannabidiol oil (CBD) does not produce a psychoactive effect. CBD proves to be a useful anti-spasmodic, anti-epileptic, and anti-anxiety alternative. Oils high in CBD also have an anti-inflammatory effect that may help reverse certain cases of neuropathy.

Chair Massage

Thirty Minute Massage

Two Hour Massage

$65/ hour

Ninety Minute Massage

Migraine Relief Cold Stone Therapy

$1 per minute

Pure Pondera uses a three step approach to helping clients suffering from migraines. To begin, we use a calming blend of Young Living oils, customized specifically for each client. Next, a series of massage techniques are used to loosen areas of the head and neck, while decreasing blood flow to help ease the throbbing migraine symptoms. Lastly, cold stones are placed around the face, scalp and neck to further address the overabundance of blood flow. Timing is key! If you feel any precursors, it is important to get help before the full effect of the migraine takes place.

Complimentary Hot stone massage on focus areas.

Grounding Mat

$5 + massage rates

Chair massage typically lasts 15-30 minutes and is done over clothes with little to no oil. It is a wonderful introduction to massage and focuses on the back, shoulders, neck and arms.


This form of healing works directly with the energetic level of life. Everything is made up of energy, so working at this level influences the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life.

$10 + massage rates

Perfect for focus area work only. Ideal for "in between" longer massage appointments to help keep chronically painful muscles relaxed. Highly beneficial for beginner clients that have little to no massage experience.

$5 + massage rates

The grounding mat, also known as "Earthing mat", transfers free electrons from the earth's natural negative charge to your body. Emerging research shows that being grounded reduces inflammation by defusing excess positive electrons, reduces chronic pain, improves sleep and energy, and shortens recovery time from injury. 

Energy Work



This form of therapy rejuvenates and detoxes by using nine different Young Living oils. These include seven single oils : thyme, basil, peppermint, oregano, wintergreen, cypress, marjoram, and two oil blends: Aroma Siez and Valor. Benefits of the Raindrop Technique include, but are not limited to, balancing and re-aligning energy centers, improving the immune system, promoting emotional well-being and release, re-aligning and detoxing the spinal column with a non-invasive touch.  Allow for one hour to ninety minutes on the massage table. 

Young Living Raindrop Technique


This service uses the finest nutrient rich sea vegetables to fully detox and lose inches. Seaweed detoxifies the body, removes dead skin and deeply moisturizes. It improves skin regeneration and elasticity, and promotes body contouring. Attain the highest state of bliss by enjoying complimentary scalp massage and reflexology. Allow for two hours to complete initial appointment. Contact us for more details and how this luxurious treatment can benefit you.

Slimming Seaweed

Body Wraps

$5 + massage rates

$10 Hands or Feet
$20 Hands and Feet




Pure Pondera uses high grade, organic essential oils to further your massage experience. The benefits go far beyond their smell and can help with skin problems, digestion, sleep and depression. When used properly, essential oils can have an effect physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Provides time for full body focus work. Many modalities are used to ultimately release persistent areas of tension. 

Body Sugar Scrub

Add to any massage for superbly soft skin! Choose from Queen of the Meadow's Bergamot & Grapefruit or Vanilla & Ylang Ylang body scrub. Allow for approximately 45 minutes extra.

Paraffin Wax

This form of heat therapy is beneficial for those with arthritis or other rheumatic diseases of the hands. The heat helps relax muscles and increase blood flow. Try it will your next massage!

Incorporates full body work plus extra time for areas of chronic tension. Ideal for neglected muscles and recurring pain. 

Sixty Minute Massage

Ideal for focus area tension relief or full body relaxation. Perfect for decreasing stress and muscle maintenance.

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